B.C.N. CONCERIE SPA: Online Fashion Showroom


BCN is a tannery, which has existed for more than 70 years. Both nationally and internationally, it is considered one of the most significant tanneries in the leather production sector. We specialize in finished cowskins and calfskins of all types: plain, soft, smoothed, printed, patterned and patent leather. We have always put good quality first. Our specialized BCN technicians carefully select the hides from the best production zones. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and the professionalism of our personnel, once they have reached BCN's premises, the raw hides are processed in the entire production cycle, until the finished product is ready. Our employees are constantly updated on processing techniques, which also respect our ancient tanning traditions. Our emphasis on creativity: thanks to our internal style research staff, we guarantee a continuous evolution of the product in line with fashion trends, significantly in advance of the season. We produce best-quality leather for accessories, shoewear for men and for women, small leather items and tanned skins for leather clothing, which is the part of our production which is always in rapid evolution. BCN can satisfy any quantitative needs, thanks to our productive capacity and our internal storage organization. BCN is strongly committed to protecting the environment. BCN was founded in 1938 by Luigi Lupi, who set up the first tannery, which specialized in leather goods and robust tanned hides. In the 1960's, his son Endro began working with his father and founded the BCN company, which still exists today. Endro emphasized innovation and research. Today, the third generation, made up of Renzo and Roberto Lupi, still carries out the family activity. They have brought BCN to the point of being a leader in the international tanning panorama, as far as quality, technology, research and innovation are concerned. The high-level production is supported by an efficient, international, widespread, dis