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Elegance is not getting noticed but being remembered! "Constància: Luxury craftsmanship, true made in Italy." Constància Bags is born in the heart of Tuscany, from the passion and tradition for leather and full grain vegetable tanned leather. Crafts attentive to the smallest details of his creations, to development, to design and workmanship, to guarantee the best to the final recipient; and to generate something unique and original; using only quality leathers. Constància Bags blossoms as "luxury craftsmanship", with the aim of being an elegant brand but at the same time giving vent to the originality of "handmade" craftsmanship with the possibility of being able to customize it. "I dress elegant and personalize my creation, with Constància" Giuseppina Balzano, Constància Fashion Designer, born in 1977 in Campania. Transferred for work reasons in Tuscany in 2002. Given that Tuscany is the home of leather and leather processing, in this field, first and foremost as a web marketing manager of a Tanning Company in the area of leather, I have developed thanks to this world my creativity and passion giving light my ideas alongside two master craftsmen in the industry. Constància more than a brand, wants to be a philosophy, try to enhance the craftsmanship made in Italy as much as possible, and launch a message that luxury, elegance and uniqueness can only come from artisan hands that put a piece of their life and their ingenuity to create something unique for each individual interlocutor, and not let luxury be interpreted as an expensive object that can bring anyone, made in series and machines without a soul. #officialwebsite

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Constància di Giuseppina Balzano