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Alpa spa is a chemical italian company founded in Milan in the 1957. It is dedicated to the production of chemical auxiliaries for the tanning industry. Alpa spa is present in the main "tanning districts" in the world: Italy: Milan, Santa Croce Sull'Arno, Arzignano, Solofra Europe: Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France Asia: China, India (Tamil Nadu Alpa International), Bangladesh, Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam Africa: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tunisia America: Brazil, Argentine, Mexico, Uruguay Oceania: Australia Alpa spa presents twice a year the new fashion trends developed by the Alpa spa Fashion Team, in collaboration with all the technicians, stylists and the "Maison" of high fashion. These collections are presented about three months before each expositive trade fair. Alpa spa develops a wide range of chemical products, which cover the entire working cycle of the leather, from the wet phase to the finishing phase. The chemical products are developed with particular attention to fashion trends in footwear, leather accessories, clothing and furniture. Alpa spa also develops the research, the application and sale of transfer films for leather. Alpa spa cooperates with the customer, in order to develop and research new chemical products to satisfy fashion needs. Alpa spa has always directed its production towards water-based products with low environmental impact. Research is above all aimed at satisfying the ever-increasing demand from the market for chemical products with a low environmental impact and eco-friendly. WET-ENDS: Wet side auxiliaries, beamhouse products, veg compounds, syntans, wetting agents, fatliquors, fillers, resins, dyestuffs. FINISHING: Casein binders, waxes, oils, nitro-cellulose laquers water and solvent base, pigments, acrilic / polyurethane resin binders and compounds, water repellent systems, cationic systems, feel modifiers, fillers, anionic and cationic dye solutions.