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The Conceria Everest SRL is part of the Nuti Ivo Group and is historically specialized in the production of quality baby calves for both footwear and leather goods and clothing. The offer has been expanded over the years by introducing new lines of exclusive prints (mainly reptiles and alligators) rigorously finished by hand and subsequently a line of chrome and vegetable tanned goatskin. To date, thanks to constant research and development relating to products with a high "fashion" content, the Conceria Everest SRL positions its products among the best on the international market, reaching an average production of 500,000 square feet per month. The production can be defined as having a high level of traditional craftsmanship due to the widespread use of manual processing to give the finished product a unique degree of originality and aesthetic quality at global level, characteristic of the Santa Croce Sull'Arno area. Just consider that for the "printed" area were made around 150 plates only by hand with the moulds produced from real animals, which therefore makes them absolute exclusives and not perfectly replicable. Even the finishing is 100% by hand to offer not only a natural appearance, but also one that is special and unmistakeable. On the other hand, the classic or "basic" area is well-consolidated and offers long-established products for which production is constantly monitored to comply with strict and severe quality standards. The Conceria Everest SRL includes the leading international luxury brands among its customers. Sales primarily target the international markets. In fact, around 75% of production is exported. The major markets are the Far East, USA and Europe. Conceria Everest is a member of the FINATAN SPA group, which includes all the Nuti Ivo Group tanneries