Create your Online Fashion Showroom

For the Tanning and Textile industry. For Leather Goods, Artificial Leather and fabrics. For Brands, Artisans, Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Designers

Creating an Online Fashion Showroom with MyTuring is easy, free of charge and it takes only a few minutes

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Online Fashion Showroom?

It is not a digital exhibition of leathers and fabrics. The Online Fashion Showroom of MyTuring is the first permanent and interactive virtual exhibition.

It’s not a pdf catalog. It’s a set of samples with online rendering always at hand, one click away and visible 24 hours a day.

Myturing is a constantly growing fashion magazine, an eternal fashion week where today's fashion is not exhibited. On Myturing you can find the new fashion trends of tomorrow. Materials suppliers and fashion designers meet on Myturing.

How does real-time online rendering of myturing work?

Add the templates

For example, take a picture of a leather or a fabric

Generate the rendering of those models made with the selected material

Add them to your online fashion showroom


The size of your online fashion showroom becomes unlimited and it becomes possible to limit access and visibility

Enable advanced business page features

Make your virtual exhibition interactive through online rendering and much more