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We are based in Italy, a country that has always exported fashion and style all over the world. Our company philosophy is to join together antique techniques with more current trends. We have a rich tanning background passed down from generation to generation, always in this area of Tuscany, the cradle of Italian tannery art. We aim to not only offer our clients high quality products, but also commercial and selling assistance that is in line to the current demands of the market. Our service is something we are very proud of. LA RUOTA S.r.l. Cuoi & Pellami Via A. Gramsci, 338 - 56024 - Ponte a Egola (PI) - ITALY - Tel. +39 (0) 57149421 - Fax +39 (0) 57149421 - Web Marketing Manager Giusy Balzano email: mobile: +393383691738