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Makem srl is a company specialized in the distribution of chemicals for tanning and provides assistance to its customers for every kind of need, both on leathers and on finished garments. The Makem Srl reality was realized in 2001 by the will of Andrea Mancini based on previous experiences of trade and laboratory in the finishing sector. The company immediately embraced the ideology of proposing a new range of chemical products intended for the final finishing of leathers with an innovative processing system without neglecting the environmental aspect and personal protection towards the workers. In 2003 Makem srl begins to propose the new kemil system, a method that consist of injecting chemicals directly in the drum. The results also justify other specialties research aimed at this new system of creating leathers and finished garments (both bags, shoes, clothing) with "washed", lived-in, vintages, greased effects and so on. It is still today a valid response to the needs of the current leather fashion market, representing an important strength in Makem. The range of chemicals also includes the wet sector of tanning processing; especially the cleansing and degreasing as well as the bacterial and fungicidal prevention of the skins represent an important data for Makem. For the rest, the range always falls within the niche of products specially made with the aim of having a lower environmental impact and to protect the health of the workers, maintaining a quality standard of excellence, by following current regulations. Makem is at the disposal of companies wishing to start or improve a manufacturing process with the current technologies available for the realization or the further ennobling of both leathers and the finished items.

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