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The Biokimica Group has selected raw materials from renewable sources for the realization of a series of innovative water-based products called BIO-FINGREEN the products of the BIOFINIGREEN range are registered at the ZDHC Level 3 Gateway CA 33 serie range of products based on natural protein binders with high GREEN content values WAX 44 serie waxes extracted from renewable plant sources used as agents of detachmet or tactile agents in formulations of compound for finishing OIL 55 serie natural oils of vegetable origin to be used in combination with the WAX 44 series, as release aids and alone, to archieve light pull-up effects PF 66 serie mixtures of products mainly used to regularize the flower bass giving uniformity without loading UR 77 serie polymers from renewable plant sources with medium-high values of GREEN content, used to increase the physical properties of finishing COVER 88 serie compounds based on polymers derived from renewable sources, suitably modified, usable for furniture, leather goods and finishing type college TOP 99 serie Final fixatives, glossy and opaque, used to improve the chimical-physical resistance of the finishing What are renewable raw materials? Renewable raw materials are those of plant origin that can be regenerate at the end of each production and are not exhausted within the human life time. On the contrary, non-renewable raw materials do not regenerate and therefore their consumption leads to a decrease in the quantities available. The product definition BIO-BASED normally applies only to substances containing carbon.

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