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BK 5133 Soft embossed full-grain calf leather treated during finishing with RE 0040 used in the impregnation and applied by a special method, resulting in a well pronounced grain effect. The article can be used for leather goods and has a metallic effect which gives it a glossy and shiny effect. BK 5134 High gloss embossed full-grain calf leather, with a tipping effect and a soft touch. The article is made on a vegetalized leather and can be used for leather goods. It supports dry-milling, has a compact grain and is reactive to Burnishing thanks to an oily-waxy blend applied in wet-end: LIKERSOL ZBN (25% natural raw materials) and CUOIOXOL PB 10 (100% natural raw materials, free from formaldehyde and sulphates). During finishing the application of WAX 44-02, a natural wax emulsion for eco-sustainable leathers, guarantees a tight grain and promotes polishing; the addition of E-LUX gives filling, coverage and softness, while the addition of CA 33-02, a protein binder for eco-sustainable leathers, gives a uniform high gloss. BK 5131 Glossy embossed full grain calf leather. BK 5131 is retanned in the same way as a nappa article (as well from Biokimica) using a blend of polymeric fatliquors in the wet-end process such as LIKERSOL WS (free from formaldehyde and sulphates) and LIKERSOL PL, a low-COD fatliquor based on minimal 77% of natural raw materials, favoring a good dry-milling and allowing to obtain a very soft and homogeneous leather with excellent weight ratio. The article can be used for leather goods.

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