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Biokimica Group is continuously committed to research and development of new technologies and manufacturing methodologies aimed at enhancing the product, while respecting environmental sustainability. Biokimica Group has selected a series of fatliquors, tannins and retanning agents with a low COD value (chemical oxygen demand) impact, or rather the parameter indicating water pollution, by measuring the amount of oxygen required to chemically oxidize both organic and inorganic pollutants. In Biokimica Groups' series of low COD content fatliquors, polymer based LIKERSOL PL stands out for its sustainable characteristics which, unlike traditional fatliquors, has a high affinity to the leather, showing good softness without causing looseness. The handle and the degree of softness can be enhanced by combining it with LIKERSOL 195 and LIKERSOL GM, both of natural origin and excellent substrate affinity. The low COD content tannins and retanning agents of Biokimica Group, like BIOPLEM BCM and BIOPLEN 693, have an excellent leather affinity and are intended for processing generally soft items, including those that can be dry-milled. BIOPLEN GTI gives fullness and roundness to obtain an exceptionally tight grain. the products of the LESS COD range are registered at the ZDHC Level 3 Gateway

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