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The Biokimica Group is constantly committed to the research and development of new technologies respecting the environment. ECOGREEN is a line of specific beamhouse and tanning products based on the latest enzyme technology, new types of degreasers with zero environmental impact, non-hazardous liming auxiliaries (with active ingredients also used in the cosmetics industry), delimed completely ammonium salts free and deriving from natural substances. The ECOGREEN line uses non-proteolytic enzymes in soaking which work on the removal of hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide that prevents the absorption of water and products. This results in a more relaxed leather and a better opening of the grain, in addition to reducing or omitting surfactants, which greatly reduces COD levels in liming floats. the products of the ECOGREEN range are registered at the ZDHC Level 3 Gateway ECOGREEN 033 keratinase enzyme that does not attack the fibers or the grain but works only on the removal of hyaluronic acid. The enzymatic activity is therefore controlled and targeted. The use of enzymes with keratinase activity facilitates hair release and cleaning of the grain. ECOGREEN 44 It prevents the over-immunization in the so-called hair recovery liming, therefore allowing reduced quantities of sodium sulfide and/or sodium hydrosulfide. ECOGREEN 44, thanks to its relaxing effect on the fibers, used in combination with ECOGREEN 033, allows reducing usage of lime with benefits in controlling swelling of the leather. Considerably smoother and cleaner leathers are obtained. ECOGREEN TNC e ECOGREEN LT Ammonium salt free deliming agents used in combination to obtain a clean and in-depth deliming while respecting both the environment and quality of finished product.

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