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Tanners, Manufacturers & Exporters of Leather & Leather Products . For thousands of years, leather has been one of the best companions of human; in ancient times, leather was our ancestor's clothing, which kept them warm in the winter. It was also the witness of the history, where people wrote down poetry, songs and stories on leather sheets. Now a days, leather is used almost everywhere, from clothing and fashion, to different types of furniture and leather products, leather plays an important role in our lives. In 1982, Mr. Taj Muhmmad & Muhmmad Zahir started a small business of raw Sheep, Goat, and hides at Quetta, a place situated in West Pakistan, selling sheep, Goat, and hides to tanners of Karachi. In 1986, we established a Tannery in Karachi (Korangi Industrial Area) for the production of Wet Blue and Crust Leather which was supplied to local market and leading leather garments exporter of Pakistan. In 1995,Mr.Taj Muhammad & Mr. Muhammad Zahir named their company as INSAF LEATHER. Today, Insaf Leather symbolizes the best technological and innovative excellence of leather production. The company has a production unit which is among the most modern leather production unit in Pakistan, comparable to any other unit in the world. . Insaf Leather which has over 250 employees and production capacity of about 1 million sq. ft. Finished leather per month, with its advanced technology and innovative excellence, taken leather production to the next level of particularly creating and producing new leather articles, season based, supplies leather to its valued customers.

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