Regulations of MyTuring

regulations of myturing community, policy e cookies

Everyone can sign up on MyTuring. Here everyone has the same social dignity and is equal, with no distinction of sex, race, language, religious and political beliefs, personal and social condition

Violent, VM18 and hateful content are not allowed. We must respect each other, controlling language and actions

We will not allow contests and games with prizes if not in line with the laws on this matters and they always need to be authorized first by a member of the MyTuring staff.

MyTuring is aimed at suppliers of materials in the fashion industry and their buyers. Company categories that are not part of the fashion supply chain are not allowed

At each access to their account through the authentication procedure, the users accept the possible revision of the regulation. MyTuring undertakes to report in this phase the presence of changes to the regulation.

The user who signs up undertakes to take responsibility for the rights of the content inserted and for any damage to third parties caused by him deliberately or not. The user undertakes to respect every point of the MyTuring regulations.

All contents posted by users are indexed on the main search engines. The user who adds a content relieves MyTuring from any responsibility regarding the disclosure and authorizes MyTuring to be able to use such content, with relative attribution, for marketing purposes.

By signing up, the user authorizes MyTuring to be able to use the email address used for registration in order to send newsletters and notifications to the user.

MyTuring can remove contents and suspend or remove accounts without giving a notification, at any moment and for security or legal reasons or also for the missing compliance to the regulation


Via Dello Stadio 37

Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa) (Italy) ZIP/CAP:56022


Legal references

This privacy policy is based on different law systems, including articles 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation 2016/679. Where it is not specified, this privacy policy regards only this application.

Date of the last revision: 1st May 2021


Owner of the Data Treatment

Stefano Papa. MYTURING DI STEFANO PAPA, based in Via dello stadio n. 37, Castelfranco di Sotto (PI), 56022, Italy - 02333170500 -

This Application collects some personal data of its users.

Recapitulatory General Policy

MyTuring is a social network, free-of-charge for its users, which includes some packages for companies, which can be purchased under payment. It is possible to search and navigate on the website with no need to be enrolled, but with limited functionalities for technical and security reasons. You can choose to activate an account giving some personal data, and it can be removed at any time. For users there is a "Remember me" function, based on cookies to shorten the access to the application. Once the account has been activated, it will be possible for the account to load an activity, a company etc. on the website. In the eventuality that the user puts some data which are not of public domain, but they are internal information to the company, by accepting the privacy policy he takes full responsibility for what he declares, relieving MyTuring and the Owner of personal data from all responsibilities. It is possible for every user to modify the company profile, even if it has been uploaded by other users, still taking full responsibility for his actions. Those companies which decide to switch to a Premium account will be provided with an administrator account, doing so, all the changes on the company profile will be doable only by him and those who are given his permission. MyTuring has the right to accept or deny the proposals of all users at any time or to remove data which do not comply to the rules of the community, which are:

- Contents which are considered illegal, offensive and vulgar, or that in any case can harm the sensitivity of other users

- Companies which no longer exist

- Contents requested by the various juridical authorities, which request the collaboration of MyTuring

- Companies not related to the field treated by MyTuring

- Users who do not follow the regulations or put at risk the security or the experience of other users.

- Accounts which do not belong to physical entities (people)

MyTuring does not provide the exchange of personal data of users except for their express will. For registered users it will be possible to carry out research, contact the authors, order free samples. The chat does not provide the user's personal data in any way except the name and surname (optional) for technical reasons. The only data that is provided are anonymous statistical data (the number of clicks on their pages) and not attributable to the specific user. For any further information, please read the section below or contact MyTuring.

Types of gathered data

Among the personal data gathered by MyTuring (in an autonomous way or through third parties or declared by the user) are: cookies, data of usage, emails, name and surname, address, sex, age, telephone number. You will find complete data on all types of stored data in the dedicated sections of this privacy policy or automatically gathered during the use of MyTuring (this relates to data of usage). The only compulsory data for the correct functioning of the application are email addresses and names to be able to generate an account. All other information are optional and unnecessary, if not considering the desire of MyTuring to improve the browsing experience of the users. For these reasons, the user can decide not to disclose them. If you have any doubts on which data are compulsory, we encourage you to contact the Owner, even though it is the application that guides you to the correct compilation of data in case of malfunctionings. The usage of cookies or other tracking instruments from this application or from the owners of tertiary services has the purpose of giving the client the service he requests, unless differently stated, on top of the other purposes indicated in this document and in the cookie policy, if available. The user takes responsibility for the personal data of third parties obtained, published or shared via MyTuring and grants the right to communicate them or spread them, freeing the Owner of all responsibilities towards others. The user also takes responsibility for the truthfulness of data, freeing again the owner of all responsibilities towards others.

How and where data are treated

How data are treated

The Owner adopts all the security measures aimed to prevent the access, divulgation, change or unauthorized deletion of personal data. The treatment is done through IT and telematic instruments, organized with logics which are strictly related to the mentioned purposes. In addition to the Owner, sometimes there may be other entities accessing data, such as administrative staff, sales, marketing, legal, system administrators or external operators, such as third party service providers, couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, marketing agencies, which may be nominated responsible for Data Treatment by the Owner. The updated list of the people and entities responsible can always be requested to the Owner of the Treatment.

Juridica fundamentals of Data Treatment

The Owner treats personal data related to the user in the following circumstances:

- The user gave his consent for one or many specific reasons; in some cases the Owner can be authorized to treat personal data without the necessity of receiving the approval of the user or of one of the juridical fundaments indicated below, until the user opts out the treatment. This does not apply when the treatment is regulated by the European Union and its regulation on Data Treatment.

- The Treatment is necessary to execute a contract with the user and/or to execute precontractual clauses; the Treatment is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation to which the Owner is subordinate.

- The Treatment is necessary to execute a duty of public interest or to execute public powers belonging to the Owner;

- the Treatment is necessary execute the legitimate interest of the Owner or of third parties involved.

It is always possible to request the Owner to clarify the juridical fundamentals on which each treatment is based, in particular to specify if the treatment is based on the law, if it is based on a contract or if it is necessary to execute one.


Data are treated in the operating centers of the Owner and in any other place where the parties involved in the treatment are located. Please contact the Owner for more information. The personal data concerning the user may be transferred to a foreign country. To obtain more information on where personal data are treated, the user can refer to the section related to the details of data treatment. The user has the right to obtain information on the juridical fundamentals of data transfer outside the European Union or to an international organization of international public right or made of two or more countries, like the UN, and on the security measures adopted by the Owner to protect data. Whenever one of the above mentioned transfers takes place, the user can refer to the related sections of this document and request for information to the Owner, contacting him at the addresses mentioned at the beginning of this section.

Conservation period

Data are treated and stored for the requested time and for the purposes for which they have been collected. Therefore:

- Personal data are stored for the purposes related to the execution of a contract between the user and the Owner; they will be preserved until the execution of the mentioned contract is ongoing.

- Personal data will be collected for purposes which can be attributed to the legitimate interest of the Owner and will be stored until this interest is satisfied. The user can obtain more information about the legitimate interest pursued by the Owner in the sections related to it in this document or contacting the Owner.

When the treatment is based of the consent of the user, the Owner can store personal data for a longer period, until he receives a revocation of the consent. Moreover, the Owner can be obliged to store personal data for a longer period, in compliance to a legal obligation or per the order of the authorities. At the end of the data conservation period, data will be deleted. Hereby, at the end of the mentioned period the following will not be possible: the right to access, cancel, rectify and move data.

Purposes and details of the Treatment of Personal Data

All personal data belonging to the user are collected to allow the Owner to provide the services. Below are indicated the detailed information on the purposes of the Treatment and on the Personal Data which are relevant for the services used:

Contact the user - Module for contacting or requesting services (in this Application)

By compiling the contact module with his data, the user gives his consent to their use to respond to the requests for information, of quotation, or of any other nature, indicated in the module. Personal data stored for this purpose are: name, surname, email and telephone number.

Enrollment and authentication

By enrolling or doing the authentication, the user consents the Application to identify him and give him access to the dedicated services. As stated below, the services of enrollment and authentication may be given with the help of third parties. Whenever this applies, this application could have access to some data, which are stored by the third party, for the enrollment and authentication procedures.

Direct enrollment (to this Application)

The user enrolls by compiling the registration module and giving his personal data directly to this Application. The compulsory personal data needed for this purpose are: name, email address.

Social functionalities - Advertisements of company profiles (on this Application)

The user has the possibility to publish one or more advertisements usying his user account. The phase of publishing the advertisements does not imply storing personal data belonging to the user, since it refers to companies. Personal data collected:

Interactions based on position - Geolocalization (in this Application)

This application is entitled to collect, use and share the data related to the geographical position of the user to grant services based on the mentioned position. The majority of browsers and devices provide with instruments to deny geographical tracking. In the event that the user expressely authorizes this, this Application will be allowed to receive information on his geographical position. Personal data collected: geographical position through GoogleApi


This type of service allows to use data of the user for sales and marketing purposes, usying different advertising types, like banners, and compliant to the interests expressed by the user. This does not imply that all personal data are used for this purpose. Data and conditions of usage are indicated below. Some of the services may concern the use of cookies to identify the user or to use behavioural retargeting, which is the visualization of personalized advertisements based on the interests and the behaviour of the user, tracked also outside this application. To receive more information, we suggest tou to verify the privacy clauses of the related services. On top of the opting-out procedure offered by the services below, the user can decide to exclude the reception of cookies related to the services provided by a third party, visiting the related page.

Optimization and distribution of the traffic

This type of service allows the application to distribute its contents via servers, which are dislocated on the territory, and to optimize its performances. Personal data treated depend on the characteristics and on the implementation modalities of these services, which naturally filter the communication between this application and the browser of the user. Seen the nature of this system, it is hard to determine where are transferred the contents containing personal data.


The payment management services allow this application to process payments via credit card, bank transfer and other methods of payment. The data used for the payment are acquired directly from the manager of the payment method desired, without being treated in any way from this application. Some of these services may also allow to send programmed messages to the user, like emails containing invoices or notifications on the payment.

PayPal (PayPal Inc.)

PayPal is a method of payment belonging to PayPal Inc., which allows the user to pay online. Personal data collected: different types of data, depending on what is specified on the service's privacy policy. Place of treatment: you can consult the privacy policy of PayPal here: Data regarding the payment will be acquired directly from PayPal, without involving MyTuring in the process.

Interaction via social network and external platforms

This type of service allows to interact with social networks and other external platforms directly from MyTuring. These interactions and the acquired information are subject to the privacy settings related to the account abilitated on those applications. If you installed the service of social network interaction and the other users do not use it, it is still possible that the application collects traffic of data related to the pages on which it is installed.


Data of usage and of interest are gathered from this application during: research, posts, comments, games, product consultation and company pages consultation. They are given anonymously in a statistic form to companies with applications for payment, to grant an audit report on the marketing campaigns. All data which are collected for this purpose are the anagraphical ones given by the user: name, surname, sex, age, place of birth (just the country, not the address). We never provide with names or contact details of the user, such as email address and telephone number

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a web service of analysis provided by Google Inc. (Google). Google uses the collected personal data to track and examine the usage of this application, to compile reports and share them with the other services developed by Google. Google might use personal data to contextualize and customize advertisements of its advert network. Personal data collected: cookies and data of usage. Place of treatment: USA - – subject to the Privacy Shield.

Marketing and newsletters

Yor email address, telephone/fax numer and full address could be used for sending advertising material related to similar services to the ones of this business.

More information on Personal Data

The collected personal data are used to erogate services to the user or to sell products and for their delivery, included in the payment. Those personal data collected to perfection the payment can be the ones related to credit cards, bank accounts used for bank transfers or other methods of payment. All data of payment collected in this application depend on the method of payment used.

User Rights

Users can practice some of their rights, accordingly to the data treated by the Owner. In particular, the user has the right to:

- Revoke the consent in any moment

The user can revoke his consent to the treatment of his personal data at any time

- Opposing to the Treatment of your own data

The user can oppose to the treatment of his data when it does not comply to the juridical fundamentals expressed in the consent. For more details on the right to oppose, please check the section below.

- Accessing your data

The user has the right to obtain information on the data treated by the Owner, on some aspects of the Treatment and to receive a copy of the treated data.

- Verifying and asking for a rectification

The user can verify the rightfulness of his data and ask for an update or a correction of the mentioned data.

- Obtaining the limitation of Data Treatment

The user can request a limitation on the treatment of his data when some conditions occur. In that case the Owner will not treat those data for other purposes than their storage.

- Obtaining the cancellation or removal of your personal data

When determined conditions occur, the user can request the Owner to cancel his data.

- Receiving your data or getting them transferred to another Owner

The user has the right to receive his data in a structured format, of common use and readable from automatic devices and, when technically possible, to obtain the transfer to another Owner with no obstacle. This disposition is applicable when data are treated with automatized means and the treatment is based on the consent of the user, on a contract of which the user is part of, or on contractual measures connected to it.

- Proposing a claim

The user can propose a claim to the authority responsible for controlling the protection of personal data or can act in a judicial court.

Details on the right to oppose

When personal data are treated in the public interest, in the exercise of public powers of which the Owner is invested, or to pursue a legitimate interest of the Owner, the users have the right to oppose to the treatment for reasons connected to their peculiar conditions. We inform the users that they can oppose to the Treatment without having to give an explanation for it. To find out if the Owner treats data with the purpose of direct marketing referred to users, they can refer to the related sections of this document.

How to exert your rights

To exert your rights as a user, you can address a request to the contact details of the Owner, indicated in this document. The requests are deposited for free and processed by the Owner in the shortest time possible.

Cancellation of the account

The account of the user can be cancelled by himself at any point, as per the guided procedure he can find in his account page. The accounts which were activated but were not used at least every 6 months could be cancelled automatically by the system and notified to the user 15 days ahead via email. The cancellation of the account will imply the cancellation of all personal data belonging to the user with an exception for posts, comments and Likes on the social, that the user did.

More information on the Treatment

Legal Defense

Personal data of the user can be used by the Owner in trail or in the preparatory phases to the installment for the defense from abuses done by the user in the usage of this application or of the services related to it. The user declares of being aware that the Owner could be obliged to reveal data as requested by the public authorities.

Specific informatives

Upon request of the user and in addition to the information included in this privacy policy, this Application could give the user some additional informatives on specific services or related to the gathering and treatment of personal data.

System log and maintenance

For needs related to the functioning and maintenance of this Application, MyTuring and the potential services of third parties could gather system logs, which are files recording the interactions and that can contain personal data too,such as the IP address of the users.

Information not included in this policy

More information related to the treatment of personal data can be requested to the Owner of the treatment at any time, usying the contacts you can find in this document.

Answer to the "Do Not Track" requests

This Application does not support the "Do Not Track" requests. To find out if the services of third parties used do support them, the User is invited to consult their privacy policies.

Modifications to this privacy policy

The Owner of the Treatment reserves himself the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, giving communication to the users on this page and, if possible, on the application and sending a notification to the users to one of the contacts they gave MyTuring, if it is legally and technically doable. Therefore we request to regularly consult this page, checking the date of the last update. Whenever the changes impact tratments which are based on consent, the Owner will take responsiblity for gathering again the consent from the users.


- Personal data (or data):

Any information which can directly or indirectly make a person identifyable is to be considered part of personal data, even when it is linked to other pieces of information such as ID numbers.

- Data of usage:

These are all the information that are automatically stored through this application (even the ones coming from third parties and integrated in this app), such as: IP addresses, names of domains used by the users who connect to it, URI addresses, time of the request, method used to send the request to the server, dimensions of the files received back, ID number of the request, where the request comes from, characteristics of the browser and the O.S. used by the user, period of time the user spends on MyTuring, details related to the itinerary followed inside the application, with a detail on the sequency of the consulted pages and on the parameters related to the O.S. and to the IT environment of the user.

- User:

The person who uses this application, which corresponds to the person concerned, unless stated differently.

- Person concerned:

The person to whom the personal data are referred

- Person (or people) responsible for the Data Treatment:

The physical or juridical person, the PA and every other entity that handles personal data on behalf of the owner specified in this privacy policy.

- Owner of the Data Treatment (or Owner):

The physical or juridical person, the public authority, the service or any other entity that determines on its own or with others the scopes and means of the data treatment and of the used instruments, including security activities related to the functioning and usage of this application. The Owner of the Treatment is the Owner of this application, unless expressly stated differently.

- This application:

The hardware or software through which personal data belonging to the users are gathered and treated

- Service:

The service issued from this application as defined in the related terms (if present) on this website/app.

- European Union, or EU:

Unless it is differently stated, every reference to the European Union you can find in this document is meant to be extended to all the states members of the European Union and of the European Economic Space.

- Cookies:

Small proportion of data stored inside the device of the user.


What cookies are

Cookies are small fragments of text used to store information on browsers. They are used to store and receive identifying information on PCs, smartphones and other devices. Other technologies are used for similar ends, we are talking about data saved on your device or browser, associated to the device and other softwares. In this report, all of the previously mentioned technologies are called cookies. We use cookies if you have an MyTuring account, if you use the search bar, if you browse and interact with companies and users.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies allow us to issue, protect and improve the services of MyTuring, for example for customizing contents, showing custom-made advertisements and providing with a safer experience. It is possible to disable the use of cookies through the settings of your browser, but this will not grant a correct use of MyTuring. Even though there may be some periodical adjustments on the use of cookies depending on the updates of MyTuring, we use cookies for the following ends:


We use cookies to verify your account and define when you logged in, in order to simplify the access to the services of MyTuring and offer you the best service and experience. For example, we use cookies to maintain your credentials when you go from one to another page on MyTuring. Cookies allow us to save your browser, to give you the possibility of accessing to MyTuring without having to log in.

Security and integration of the website and services

We use cookies to protect your account, your data and the services on MyTuring. For example, cookies allow us to identify and adopt more security measures when someone tries to access an MyTuring account without authorization, when they insert many different passwords in a small period of time. We use cookies to save information we need to recover your account, in case you forget your password or in case your account has been hacked. We also use cookies to fight activities which violate our policies and somehow compromise our ability to provide services. For example, cookies help us fight spamming ans phishing, allowing us to identify PCs used to create an elevate number of fake accounts. We use cookies to detect PCs where malwares are and to adopt new ways to prevent more damage.

Advertisements, hints, statistics and measuring

We use cookies to show advertisements and to present contents to people who might be interested in them. For example, cookies allow us to show advertisements to those who clicked on a company's landing page and to suggest products and services depending on those activities. Cookies allow us to limit the number of visualizations of an advertisement, not to always show the same one. We also use cookies to measure the outcome of advertising campaigns of the companies which use MyTuring. For example we use cookies to measure the number of visualizations of an advertisement and to calculate their cost. We use cookies to measure the frequency of some actions, for example clicks or the visualizations of an advertisement. Cookies allow us to provide with statistics on people who interact with the insertions of our providers and on the the companies which use the services of MyTuring. For example, we use cookies to consent companies to comprehend what type of people show interest in their activities, to show them more pertinent contents and develop functions which can be interesting for their clients. THESE COOKIES ARE ALWAYS ANONYMOUS, NONE OF YOUR CONTACTS IS GIVEN FROM MyTuring TO OTHERS. MyTuring gives your cookies only as an anonymous statistic to third parties.


We use Google Analytics (Google inc.) cookies to monitor the traffic on MyTuring and to optimize our structure to grant a faster and smoother browsing. These cookies are stored in the US as per the following regulation:

Deletion of cookies

The deletion of cookies from the browser will allow a complete cleansing of cookies as preferred by the users at any time and freely, to grant a more pleasant browsing. This will automatically remove your consent to store cookies. The new browsing on the website and the acceptance of the regulations will abilitate again the use of cookies from MyTuring.

How can I give my consent to the installation of cookies?

As an addition to what has been mentioned in this document, the user can handle preferencies related to cookies directly in his browser and prevent third parties from installing them. Through your preferencies on the browser you can eliminate the previously installed cookies, including the cookie where consent or denial to the installation of cookies are saved. The user can find information on how to handle cookies on the widespread browsers in the world, for example here:





Owner of data treatment

Stefano Papa. MYTURING DI STEFANO PAPA, based in Via dello stadio n. 37, Castelfranco di Sotto (PI), 56022, Italy - 02333170500 -

Since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties through this app can not be tracked by the Owner, every specific referral to cookies and tracking systems installed by others is to be considered approximate. To obtain complete information about it, the user is invited to consult the privacy policies of the mentioned third parties. You are invited to contact the owner if you wish to receive any insight on the use of cookies on this application, since the complex identification of the technologies based on cookies.