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The Biokimica Group historically deals with all kind of production processes: vegetable tanning, chrome and free-chrome tanning, free-metal and sustainable tanning. With a careful research towards innovation and sustainability, the Biokimica Group has started a large Green project, developing Kering ZDHC Level 3 certified chemicals for tannery. BIO-FINGREEN: raw materials from renewable sources for the realization of innovative water-based products for finishing. NO-BISPHENOL: chemical products to realize articles in a sustainable production cycle; bisphenol-free and compliant with metal free leather production. LOW-COD: series of products with a low COD value impact ECOGREEN SOAKING AND LIMING: eco-friendly products for wet-works, tanning based on enzymes, degreasers, liming auxiliaries and delimed. GREEN-FINISH: sustainable and zero harmful emissions project. High quality leathers are obtained. The Biokimica Group produces and markets chemicals for the tanning industry and is made up of the synergy of three subsidiaries, Biokimica spa, Bio-Finleather spa and Colortex spa. The headquarters of the Biokimica Group is located in Santa Croce sull'Arno in a new plant born in 2009 of over 25,000 square meters. The group is also present both in Italy through an operational headquarters in Solofra and one in Arzignano, and throughout the international market through a sales network present in over 17 countries. Argentina, India, Mongolia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Morocco, Poland, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Portugal, Egypt and Romania.

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