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Nagarsa is a manufacturer of injected soles for footwear since 1981, in Spain. We have our own collection of outsoles for women's shoes and we make outsoles for children and men on request. Two-coloured or single-coloured soles. The development of new outer soles is based on 3D design and 3D printing. Receive a 3D printed prototype in flexible TPU within 48 hours. Our materials: Thermoplastic rubber or TR TR light gives our outsoles incredible properties as it has the advantages of EVA (density, lightness, aesthetics) WITHOUT the disadvantages as TR light has a very good grip, resistance to abrasion and sagging. In addition, it is easier to work with, making shoe production faster and cheaper: no need to card or sand, you can glue, weld, sew the sole directly onto the upper. Unlike EVA, TR does not generate any waste. Perfect for a lightweight sole. The TR compact has the same properties as the TR light, except that the density is higher and the sole is therefore a little heavier. The TPU is anti-slip, anti-static, insulates more from the cold and provides a nice mirror effect. TR BIOVEGETAL is our 100% organic material, made from virgin vegetable oils without petrochemicals. This ecological material which respects the environment allows us to make translucent, opaque, shiny or matt soles. We only work with materials that ensure that our soles perform well technically. All our materials are recycled and recyclable, as all injection residues and non-conforming soles are crushed and then injected into new soles. All our production is done on a single site of 2000 m2, which allows us to make rigorous quality controls. Finishes: raw, painted, aged, brushed, matt/glossy, satin, metallic and imitation leather, lurex, wood, stone...etc



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