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We are a USA company manufacturing leathers in Leon, Mexico call by the name UTOPIA LEATHERS MX S DE RL DE CV. In our production we exclusively use raw materials from USA. Our signature leather is soft, supple veg tanned product called "UTOPIA" which we named our company after. We have three different technologies and thus three different types of vegetable crusts. Based on these crusts, we developed numerous finished items. Needless to say they are all environmentally friendly lines of leather, which represents the future of our industry. Our second line is chrome tanned automotive leathers for both steering wheels and car seats. Both items meet and exceed the industry's specs. We also produce chrome free steering wheel and car seat leathers where we also meet the most stringent industry specs. Last but not the least we have residential and office furniture leathers as well as very unique leather lines we offer to handbag and shoe trades. All our production is split in lime, and therefore we are also able to offer split leathers (suede and finished). In most cases we can tailor make your leathers in the direction of your needs, which defines us as a "specialty leather manufacturer" rather than a leather supplier confines customers in the boundaries of their specific products. We are proud to announce we added 3.6 mm belt leathers in double bults and shrunken shoulders to our product line.

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